UHLS tree service - Tree care you can count on

Tree care you can count on

UHLS Tree Service is a Prince George based company that runs on hard work and a love for arboriculture. We enjoy what we do and like to think that shows in our work.

What do we do? The short version is we care for the health of your trees, shrubs and hedges. This includes but is not limited to pruning, structural support, shrub and hedge trimming, tree removal, soil sampling and amendments. When tree removal is necessary we do so in a safe and controlled manner. We of course recommend planting a new tree in a more desirable location after tree removal.
Check out our services page for a full listing of what we offer or call our office to speak with us directly. 

UHLS Tree Service provides it's service to commercial, government & residential customers in Prince George, Mackenzie, Vanderhoof and surrounding communities. 

We strive for excellence at UHLS Tree Service and things are only getting better from here! With new equipment and training up and coming arborists we have a vision for the future of arboriculture in Prince George. That vision is to bring awareness to the urban forest, provide the best tree service in Prince George and promote continued growth & education in our company, the community and the industry. 

Have you been told you need a boom truck to remove your tree by other companies? Our advanced rigging techniques eliminate the need for such costly measures and get the job done safely.
Need hedge trimming and ornamental pruning? We have the fine pruning skills to make your yard & garden a real showpiece. 

Can't figure out why your tree is declining? We offer evaluations and advanced soil testing with amendments to revive your trees, shrubs and hedges.

Scott Lawrence
NO - 206368
Scott at the 2010 ITCC Climbing competition in Victoria.

Scott at the 2010 ITCC Climbing competition in Victoria.

Performing a drill Ariel rescue as part of the competition. It is not a real person!  Customers in Prince George, Mackenzie & Vanderhoof, ask your rep about Tree pruning! We do it spurless

Doing a ariel rescue at one of the stations. It is not a real person hanging up there!

NOTE: During high winds and damaging storms our phone lines stay open after hours for emergency Tree removal services. A representative will be on the line and an arborist will be on site to assist you as soon as possible.